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December 21, 2011

Foursquare Mayor of Shopping Center Receives Own Reserved Parking Spot!

Oceanside, CA (December 21, 2011) — Remember how excited you were when you got that parking spot right up front at the mall? Well Mission Marketplace is going to reward customers by offering a personally selected parking spot to the person that frequents the shopping center the most.

Each reserved spot is specifically offered to the shopping center's mayor on Foursquare. The reserved parking is guaranteed to the mayor for at least a month. After that, the reserved spot is only provided until that person is ousted as the mayor by another customer! Shoppers are encouraged to visit the center frequently and check-in often to keep their reserved spots intact.

The Foursquare "Rock Star Parking" promotion at Mission Marketplace is the shopping center's way of giving back to loyal customers for their support. Now that the busy holiday shopping season is here, the spot is likely to come in handy for the Foursquare Mayor who is looking to save time and enjoy the experience of convenient parking. When a user check-ins and has become the mayor of the shopping center on Foursquare, they should report to the management office with the prompt on their smart phone for more information.

"Loyalty programs with punch cards are passé. We are looking for new and exciting ways to entice loyal shoppers and engage them through gamification. Foursquare's platform is the perfect way to do just that" said the COO of NewMark Merrill Companies.

For those of you who are asking - "What is Foursquare?" It's a free smart phone application that allows users to "check-in" at locations they are visiting. Foursquare users can also find out where their friends are, take advantage of exclusive specials that are unlocked right from their phone when they check-in, and share tips or feedback about a destination. From a business's perspective, the program offers an opportunity to reward loyal consumers who visit an establishment the most – adding an incentive to return often to withhold the mayorship position. Foursquare mayorships are awarded to customers with the most check-ins during a 60 day period.

While Mission Marketplace will continue to provide a fun and interactive Facebook and Twitter experience for their followers online, the shopping center looks forward to Foursquare as an opportunity to add another dimension to their customer relations efforts.

For more information about the Foursquare Rock Star Parking promotion at Mission Marketplace, call 760-630-6687 or visit www.missionmarketplaceoceanside.com.

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